What Does Worldwide Brands do Better Than Salehoo?

Both Worldwide Brands and Salehoo are directories of drop shippers and wholesalers (for more information about WWB specifically please read my Worldwide Brands review) and both claim to list about the same number of suppliers as one another.  But which is the best and how do they really compare?  That will be the subject of this post.

Worldwide Brands vs Salehoo

Salehoo and Worldwide Brands both work with about 8,500 certified suppliers – that means they check their suppliers are legitimate before listing them. Both have a searchable product database – however, this is where the first difference appears.  Worldwide Brands list more than 16 million products while Sale Hoo lists only 1.6 million.

Worldwide Brands is the only directory that's been fully certified by eBay as well – which could be an important factor to consider if you plan to resell goods on eBay.  Selling on popular online marketplaces can be very difficult with most suppliers as their prices are too high, but WWB could offer more choice and reliability.

Which is better?

Salehoo is initially cheaper than Worldwide Brands at $67 whereas Worldwide Brands costs $299 – however, there will be no additional fees for WWB membership but Salehoo will charge you $67 per year, every year that you keep your membership.

On a per product basis, and in the long term, that makes Worldwide Brands better value for money in my opinion.

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