Services Offered By Property Preservation Companies

There are houses that remain vacant under the responsibility of loan servicers that have not yet been sold after their previous owners have defaulted. Even though there is no one living inside the house, there is still the risk of it sustaining some damages through some environmental factors. Securing them is also important to prevent other people from occupying it illegally.

The servicers though may not have the capabilities in doing these things that would preserve the house for the next owner. That is why they will usually partner with property preservation Dallas TX companies to achieve this goal. These businesses have various services to ensure the security, safety and cleanliness of the area both its inside and outside.

After the required inspection has been performed on the property, they will then be doing some steps to secure the vacant house. Securing it is done by changing the locks according to the guidelines set by the investor or insurer. This is changed before foreclosure and would be replaced again after with accompanying documentations like written reports and photos given to the client.

These empty properties located in places with cold climates are vulnerable to serious and costly damages caused by water lines bursting or getting frozen. These companies winterize every plumbing fixture inside and outside including outdoor spigots, toilets and sinks. Other fixtures included in this are the radiant, steam and dry heat systems that the home may have.

They will be draining all water lines then use air compressors in assuring all water has been blown out of their pipes. Contractors could also drain tanks of hot water then test the system using pressure to check for possible leaks. Antifreeze is poured into traps, sink drains, tanks and bowls after they all have been cleaned and flushed.

Stickers are then attached to the fixtures that were winterized to note the date it were done with the contact information of the company. They would also include an advise that these things cannot function without proper reversing the effect of their winterization. Utilities are turned off whenever possible though electricity remains on if there is a sump pump.

Debris in the interior and exterior which creates a potential infestation, safety or health risk and might result in code violation is removed routinely. This is done before and after foreclosure with the personal belongings left behind awaiting orders from the client on what to do with them. But they can be removed though once a personal property eviction has been ordered.

Proper maintenance should be done to a vacant property no matter its foreclosure status to avoid detracting the neighborhood, drawing code violation or creating public nuisance. Regulations are followed by these companies like cutting the grass after every two weeks. These things are done according to the clients or upon the instruction of clients.

Removing of snow accumulation during winter is important in providing access safely to properties. This is for the benefit of those who have legitimate business concerning the property. They could be the real estate agents, first responders, city inspectors and maintenance crews.

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