How we do web positioning?

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You invested time and money on your site. You developed content onto it and used all of the tried and practiced methods of good SEO. Your website is reaping benefits also. It ranks on the first 10 results of popular search engines. To get more detail about the positioning of websites you may head to

web positioning

What's your worry now? The next step to consider is to maintain your web positioning. How did your site that was one of the top 10 results on Google drop to number 3 on the second page? Before questioning if you did your own Search Engine Optimization right, try the following tips:

Content on your website may have gone stale. Users who were interested in the articles on your site once might not stay interested forever. As soon as they read what they need to they won't return to read the exact same content again. It is crucial to keep them interested in your site and keep them coming back for more.

Add more content if you believe there are not enough words on your most important pages. Optimize them with keywords to direct traffic to your website. If you own a small website maybe it's time to increase the number of web pages on your website. Keep it unique and fresh constantly. Assessing your internal pages to your main page is necessary. Link all your internal pages onto the main pages by setting the primary links on the top of your page and again at the bottom.

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