DePuy Knee Loosening Lawsuit Alleges Company Knew of Defects

On February 1st, a Kentucky man filed the most current DePuy Attune knee suit against Warsaw, Indiana-based DePuy Orthopedics, alleging that faulty design of the Attune knee implants contributed to tibial loosening and device failure.

The suit joins an increasing number of claims filed across the nation against DePuy Knee Lawsuits over its Attune lineup of knee implants. It is alleged that a faulty design in the reduced tibial plate of the implant reduces bonding between the apparatus and the tibia bone and makes it readily prone to loosening.

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Lawyers expect tens of thousands or more instances will gradually be registered and likely will be merged to a class-action type multidistrict litigation court.

Signs Your Knee Implant Might Have Become Unglued

The warm tissue around the knee
Numbness in knee
Difficulty walking
Less variety of movement
Swelling or inflammation
Bone loss
At times, a detached knee implant could be recognized by x-ray tests. However, many surgeons have reported that they could not tell a knee apparatus had become loose until they performed another operation to see it straight.

Implant Loosening leads to Revision Surgery

In the case of Robert Long, he underwent a total right knee replacement operation in 2015 close to his home in Somerset, Kentucky and received a DePuy Attune knee implant in the procedure.

After only 2 decades, Mr. Long has been forced to undergo a new surgery to remove the faulty Attune implant and replace it with a different version.

Both he and his physicians stated they would never have used the faulty Attune implant if they'd understood it had been prone to loosening. However, DePuy did not disclose these risks despite having years of advice they were neglecting.

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